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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 Lovel, Uchiha

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PostSubject: Lovel, Uchiha   Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:22 pm

Shinobi Legacy
seven deadly sins
Village to Village


» Basics
Lust & Gluttony
First Name. Lovel
Middle Name. Haru
Last Name. Uchiha
Gender. Male
Alias. Moon
Actual Age. 16
Date of Birth. April 13
Element. Fire
Seeks what village. None. Missing Nin.

» Defense/Offense
Greed & Sloth
Kekkei Genkai. None.
Explanation & Limits of Gift. -
Weapon. None.
Explanation of Weapon. -

» Looks
Wrath & Envy
Physical Looks. Lovel is 6 feet tall, and probably does not even grow anymore. His hair color is dark brown that stands up to the front, with a few spikes of his falling down over his forehead. About his eyes. His eyes are gold with his pupils long-formed like that of a cat. He wears mostly a blue, short sleeved shirt with over that -sometimes- a long black coat. He wears black pants with black shoes under that. His body is not full of muscles, his body build is just average like that of a kid.

» Attitude
They come with persuasion like the snake and the apple.
Attitude/Personality. He is a loving person though he doesn't show it too much. He rarely does. He helps the friends he has whenever they are in danger, no matter how big the challenge may be. Even if it costs him his own life. Also, he is hoping to find friends who also care about him. Not just to be ordered around and to be used for killing.
Likes. Likes calm nights with stars in the sky, he loves coke, but also loves milk. Also, he likes to eat. When he gets the chance to eat, he'll eat for 3 persons at once.
Dislikes. Those who try to harm him and his friends, those who ruin his quiet nights.
Strengths. Lovel has great reflexes. Also can Lovel move very fast.
Weaknesses. Water, due to Lovel's good sight, he cannot take much light.

» The Past
Fighting the want isn't in our nature, because it's what we are.
Family. Lovel's parents were killed by someone unknown that was hiding in the shadows when they were all together. Apparently the killer wanted Lovel's parents in front of his very own eyes. Ever since that day, Lovel wanted to find the killer of his parents and avenge them. The reason why his parents have been killed is currently unknown.
Hometown. (Considered hometown: Wood Country.)
History. Lovel has no memories of his hometown whatsoever. When he was born, they were in some other village, but directly after his birth, they left it again. His parents traveled a lot, and only stopped at some villages to stay and sleep for short nights. As Lovel grew up and years passed, he became more 'on his own', meaning he did more things on his own than with the help of his parents. His parents knew they were in danger for some reason, they didn't tell Lovel this yet, but it has also been the reason that they travel much. So, they decided to let Lovel join a Shinobi Academy to let them train him and make a Shinobi out of him so he can protect himself later. As planned, Lovel joined the academy, but didn't bother making any friends, as he knew he'd be leaving as soon as the Academy was over though. Lovel did very much his best, and he graduated when he was at the age of 11. Later on, when Lovel had turned 12, his parents were sick and tired of running away all the time. So they decided to stay and live in a village forever. They stopped in the Wood Country and lived in a village in that country. Although it may not be his real hometown, he considers it as his original hometown. They lived in a rather big house. It is made out of wood but is very stable somehow. They also can buy plenty of food around the village so they won't starve at all. Everything was going well, until one night. Lovel was happily with his parents in the living room, when he walked to the kitchen to get a drink for all of them. When Lovel was filling the glasses, he heard a window break and glass falling across the ground. He quickly dropped the drinks and walked over to the living room, finding his parents standing face to face with an unknown person. The person glanced at Lovel but didn't bother himself with him, and focused his view on Lovel's parents again. The unknown person drawed his sword, as Lovel's eyes widened and was too frightened to move. The unknown person did not hesitate at all, pointed his sword at Lovel's parents and mumbled something. Rushing towards them, he prepared his sword for the attack. His father was first the victim to the unknown person, while he was trying to protect his wife. The unknown person brought a deep cut to his chest then slowly pushed the sword through his heart. Lovel could not move at all as before, he just started shaking very much. Then, it was his mother's turn, also she fell a victim to the unknown person. After both of his parents had been killed, Lovel could just feel the unknown person's bloodlust. The person did not bother to kill off Lovel as he just disappeared through the window, out of sight, as Lovel fell to his knees looking over at the bodies. Tears flowed down from his eyes over his cheeks, wondering why he couldn't move to protect them. He did graduate from the academy. But just that wasn't enough. The next day, his personality and expression on his face had been changed. He head out on his own to become a perfect ninja to get revenge. Years had passed since his parents had been killed. He has now reached the age of 17. During these years, his emotions have again changed. He had found friends that he cared about, but also he did not forget about getting his revenge. This might cost him the friendship he has with his friends. But only time will tell.
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PostSubject: Re: Lovel, Uchiha   Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:57 pm

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Lovel, Uchiha
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