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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 Setsuko Hanasaki

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PostSubject: Setsuko Hanasaki   Sat Jul 25, 2009 1:46 am

First name. [Goes by] Setsuko
Middle name. Unknown
Last name. [Goes by] Hanasaki
Actual Age. 15 Years Old.
Gender. Female
Kekkei Genkei. Setsuko's Kekkei Genkai is rather an odd one. She is able to perform voodoo such as using a voodoo doll and a bit of the opponents DNA to control [with limits] the opponent. Her voodoo is similar to puppetry for she is also able to control the voodoo doll with thin, chakra strings if not with her hands. Using small voodoo dolls that are identical to the opponent, Setsuko is able to attack long distance. She always carries around small voodoo dolls, nails, chakra talismans, and a small mallet. To perform voodoo, there are specific things needed such as DNA or blood drops of the opponent. Using her special ability, she must chant in order to perform it to her liking. She can use voodoo similarly to puppetry. There is an extent to the voodoo [Which will be described in the 'Kekkei Genkai' section where you create your Kekkei Genkai]

Seeks what village. Sand.

Appearance. Setsuko has longish black/brown hair that is wore down occasionally. Her eyes are a brown unless in the process of using her kekkei genkai. When using Kekkei Genkai, her eyes turn to a dark brownish, red in a very intimidating manner. Setsuko is a mere 5 foot 2 and is slim/slender. Setsuko tends to wear dresses of some sort, relatively her main colors of clothing are red, black, and white. She can be found with stitches running up her arms and legs and a gash of a burnt mark running up her back from her right hip, to left shoulder. Setsuko carries around a three ball mace made of welded steel as a weapon.

Personality. Setsuko has 2 personalities. One personality, her playing out a happy-go-lucky girl and another, a sadistic ninja who seeks inside, seeks death for those who she despises.

The use of her first happy-go-lucky personality [Basically her Humane Personality] is to fool others so they do not figure out her true motives. In this personality, she is to be considerably kind and friendly towards people when inside, she is just using this personality for a motive to help herself. Setsuko is a short-tempered, blunt, little-patience ninja who enjoys to use sarcasm. She keeps many details of her life to herself, and for a few times, uses this personality to cover up her live's past. Tends to not get close to anybody, but has exceptions.

The second personality, similar to a sadistic ninja, is truly her actual personality as a dark-hearted shinobi. This personality however, Setsuko is more of a dark, serious, competitive, bitchy sadist. She enjoys to mess around with her prey and watching their misery. Elena is more cruel then friendly, and jokes around harshly. She tends to take things into her own matters with ulterior motives and can be a bit full of herself.
Likes. To be Sadistic, pocky, being free-willed, sweets, joking around, rain, thunder
Dislikes. Nagging, those who break her train of thought
Strengths. Is able to perform voodoo
Weaknesses. Those who she trusts to be harmed, Her past, People who talk about their family.

Birthday. November 16
Family. None.
Hometown. Outskirts of the Sand Village
History. Setsuko's past is of great sorrow to her. She does not like to tell anyone of her past.

Living without parents, at a very young age, she was abandoned at the doors of an abusive orphanage when she was only hours old. People did not claim her. Nobody on the outside knew the orphanage had abused the children with wooden paddles and various weapons. Her parents are unknown and she was alone in the orphanage ever since, suffering pain and bruises from the vicious workers. Children in the orphanage were not aloud to ever enter the outside grounds, only under high supervision. The children were forced to learn things beyond their level.

At age 6, she met an old lady, who she called 'Gran'. The old lady worked often in the center, and talked to Setsuko many times, not being mean to her once. Gran told Setsuko about the outside world of ninja, and everything there is to know. Setsuko soon became fond of Gran, but at the wrong moment.

A day before Setsuko was found at the orphanage [Supposedly her 10th birthday], Gran had died. Gran suffered from heart disease and was said not to live as long as most. The thought and very words announcing her death froze Setsuko. Do to the shock, she lost her very own voice, being disabled to talk.

[More will be revealed once Setsuko progresses through her life.]

Other. Specializes in poison

Player Alias. Setsuko; Setsu; Suko; Su; ect.
Did you follow the instructions The Rules gave you? Yes and Kage.

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PostSubject: Re: Setsuko Hanasaki   Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:46 am

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Setsuko Hanasaki
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