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Join us in the Legacy of the Shinobi to deal with friendship, love, action-packed RPG, and much more~
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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 All About Shinobi Legacy

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PostSubject: All About Shinobi Legacy   Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:56 pm

Hello and welcome to Shinobi Legacy! I'm Esuno, AKA Kage ^_^.

What we do on Shinobi Legacy, is basically Role Play [RPG]. Yes, this forum IS text based. We hope to provide the answers to all your questions in this post.

First of all, Shinobi Legacy is based off of the anime/manga Naruto. Each ninja has many options to choose from, and aren't limited as much. Members can because part of the Akatsuki, ANBU, or even hit up their chances of becoming a kage of a village! Although this work will take some time, it'll be a fun way to hit it off and begin your 'Shinobi Legacy'. You are able to RPG 'spar/fight/battle' which can occur. The way to 'fight' back is creating a creative weapon/jutsu/kekkei genkai! You can create one under the forums in 'Character Creation' located on the home page. Be sure to get your weapon/jutsu/kekkei genkai approved by an admin before using it! The way an admin will approve of it, is when they post an 'approval icon' in the topic, so please do not PM an admin to check it for you.

Each member begins as a 'Beginner' and eventually, after 25 posts, will become an Academy Students. Each village does have a Ninja Academy, where students are able to improve their jutsu, stats, and become stronger then ever before! Members will begin walking up the steps into their Shinobi Legacy, ranking up to Genin, Chuunin, Jounin, and even beyond! With each rank comes privileges, with missions, stronger jutsu, and a variety of other things.

On Shinobi Legacy, we RPG with others, allowing some sort of relationship. We do try to keep everything at roughly at PG-13 level for younger viewers. On the site, you are able to join a village such as the leaf village, or even the sand village! We have a variety such as Leaf, Sand, Clouds, Mist, and Sound. As we increase the number of members, our villages range will increase more as well! You may also become a traveler, who belongs to no village, or had abandoned their village. It is a possibility to become an Akatsuki Member, which requires the rank of a Jounin, before entering.

To sign up for a group that I have listed above, please go directly to the Home Page and scroll all the way down, to the 'Who is Online?' text box. At the bottom of the box, is a 'Legend'. Out of those legends are the groups I had listed above. To join one of them, click on the one you desire, and there should be a 'Join Group' button which you would click on. Afterwords, an admin listed to the right under 'The Staff' will approve of your joining into the group.

The name of our site, 'The Legacy of the Shinobi' and/or 'Shinobi Legacy' [for short], can be anybody's legacy. You are able to build off your character to amazing heights, starting off with creating a character, weapon, and possibly a Kekkei Genkai!

Any questions/comments/suggestions please post here
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All About Shinobi Legacy
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