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Join us in the Legacy of the Shinobi to deal with friendship, love, action-packed RPG, and much more~
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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 The Raikage

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PostSubject: The Raikage   Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:57 pm

Shinobi Legacy
Village to Village

» Basics
Lust & Gluttony
First Name. Yumeko
Middle Name.
Last Name. Ikazuchi
Gender. Female
Alias. Raikage
Actual Age. 18
Date of Birth. 12/21
Element. Lightning
Seeks what village. Cloud

» Defense/Offense
Greed & Sloth
Kekkei Genkai. Akumu
Explanation & Limits of Gift. Yumeko can read the minds of others and be able to know what her opponent will be doing before they do it in a fight. (Ex: If someone is going to kick her, she will know before they do so.) However, she will not be able to tell which jutsu the opponent will use, and if she does not have the physical strength to avoid the attack, she will get injured regardless.
Weapon. Steel Magnolia
Explanation of Weapon. A sword that allows her to conduct electricity so she can use her jutsus. It's lightweight and can be swung quickly, but people who hold it will probably get shocked, causing them to drop it if they're not used to weilding it.

» Looks
Wrath & Envy
Physical Looks. Yumeko has white,layered hair and reddish-brown eyes. She is fond of adorning her hair with clips, ribbons, etc. in the shapes of stars, though she will take them out if they get too bothersome. (Usually by the middle of the day.) She's 5'3'', and is of slender build. She's often seen wearing long kimonos or dresses (usually white or pale blue) instead of the traditional Kage garb, mainly because she dislikes the hat. Her hands and feet are small, something she is particularly sensitive about, and her hands show burn marks, from the shocks that are given to her by her sword.

» Attitude
They come with persuasion like the snake and the apple.
Attitude/Personality. Yumeko is an extremely dreamy and lazy person. When she's supposed to be doing paperwork, she will stare out the window and daydream, or doodle on the paper. She will often say things that seem crypted, and will often confuse the other person, though she is not aware of that fact. However, she is able to focus on something when she wants to, and if something is serious enough, nothing will be able to distract her. Her social skills are little-to-none, though she possesses great empathy, and will be able to say the right thing when needed. Her knowledge of "slang" is very limited, and she loves to use words that are more commonly found in a vast vocabulary.
Likes. Watching clouds, misty mornings, stargazing.
Dislikes. Solar eclipses, paperwork, anything that she feels costs too much effort/money/time.
Strengths. Empathy, anything intellectual
Weaknesses. Anything that requires brute strength
Other. Come into her office with a snowdrop, and she just might be more easy to persuade. (Depends on what you want.)

» The Past
Fighting the want isn't in our nature, because it's what we are.
Family. Mother and father
Hometown. Cloud Village
Yumeko lived an ordinary childhood. She was raised by a little-known clan, and during her years at the academy, her teachers never thought she was soaking in the information because she was always staring out the window. She surprised them when it was time for exams or tests. When she graduated from the academy, she passed her exams easily. When the Raikage died, the Council elected her for as a candidate to become Raikage.
Who did you PM after reading The Rules? Kage
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PostSubject: Re: The Raikage   Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:57 pm

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The Raikage
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