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 Lovel, Uchiha

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PostSubject: Lovel, Uchiha   Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:18 am

Standard Uchiha Clan Jutsu.

Approved by: Riza
Uchiha Techniques, without Sharingan use:

Endan - Fireball no Jutsu
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Genin
Range: Mid
Description: User performs the necessary handseals, then blows out a small fireball towards the opponent.
Advantages: Can burn the opponent, giving him minor burn wounds.
Disadvantages: Can be dodged easily. Can be collided with a other jutsu.

With Sharingan use:

Tomoe 1 techniques:


Tomoe 2 techniques:

Jutsu: Ryuuka No Jutsu - Dragon Fire Technique
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Genin
Range: Long
Description: The user will perform the necessary handseals. After binding the opponent, the ninja uses a guide wire to unleash a large torrential fire burst onto the target.
Advantages: Once stuck in the wires, hard to escape.
Disadvantages: Need to bind the opponent to a tree or other object first, wires can be dodged.

Tomoe 3 techniques:

Jutsu: Kyouten Chitten - Mirror Heaven - Earth Change
Jutsu Type: Genjutsu
Rank: Genin
Range: (As long as the user looks into the opponent's eyes.)
Description: The user will reflect the genjutsu back at the opponent, causing the opponent to be under effect of the genjutsu the opponent casted.
Advantages: Opponent will be stuck in his/her own genjutsu.
Disadvantages: Does not work on Sannin/Kage Genjutsu, need to look into the opponent eyes.

Mangekyou techniques:

Jutsu: Tsukuyomi - God of the Moon
Jutsu Type: Genjutsu
Rank: Chunin
Range: (As long as the user looks into the opponent's eyes.)
Description: Tsukuyomi, named for the God of the Moon, is a Genjutsu technique which uses the Mangekyou form of the Sharingan eye to generate a powerful illusion. This jutsu is generated by the left Mangekyou eye. This highly advanced technique can not be used extensively because of the toll it places on the user. To utilize the illusion, the clan member will look into the eyes of his opponent and cast a Genjutsu spell on them. The illusion takes place in the mind of the one affected, while under the jutsu the victim is at the total mercy of the user. The user has full control over space and time in the jutsu and can place the one affected through any hell they desire for any length desired. The technique itself only lasts for but a second in reality, but the one affected could have lasted through several days of torture.

It is said only a natural born member of the Uchiha Clan can overcome the illusion. To counter the technique, however, Mangekyou is not required. A highly trained normal Sharingan user can break the illusion, causing the Mangekyou user to experience additional weakness from using it.
[ The illusion will only last for one post and can be used once in a battle ]
Advantages: Works on any opponent, except for Uchiha's as they can overcome some of the Tsukuyomi. (As explained in the description.)
Disadvantages: An Uchiha can overcome the Tsukuyomi, opponent is completely. safe as long as he doesn't look into the user's eyes.

Jutsu: Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Jonin
Range: Long
Description: Amaterasu, named for the Goddess of the Sun, is a Ninjutsu technique which uses the Mangekyou form of the Sharingan eye to create a powerful black fire. This jutsu is generated by the right Mangekyou eye. It has been said that anything within the Mangekyou's vision will burn to ash if consumed by the fire. The fire itself is said to burn for 7 days and 7 nights. Because of the amount of chakra needed to use the technique, it can only be used on a very limited basis daily. Though it is regarded as the strongest of Mangekyou's physical attacks, usage of the ability will degrade the eye further and lead the user to blindness.
Advantages: Completely burns the opponent away.
Disadvantages: User's eyes will bleed from it and hurt a lot, Amaterasu can be stopped: It is a one-hit technique, as soon as it starts to burn an object, it stays there. Though, the opponent must be fast for it.

Jutsu: Susanoo - God of the Sea and Storms
Jutsu Type: Genjutsu
Rank: Jonin
Range: Mid (User can walk when activated)
Description: [ This technique is performed by both Mangekyou eyes ] Susanoo, named for the God of the Sea and Storms, is a technique which uses the Mangekyou form of the Sharingan eye to create a sword wielding spectral form which will surround the user. This jutsu is generated by both Mangekyou eyes. Susanoo will first form around the user as a skeleton. This skeletal form will then generate muscle and armor for battle and wield both a sword and shield.

The sword is formed out of the sake in the gourd it holds, meaning the sword has no true physical form. This legendary weapon, known as Totsuka's Sword and the Sakegari Long Sword, utilizes the main ability of the jutsu. Anyone or anything cut by the blade will be sealed away into a Genjutsu of blissful oblivion until the end of time. It is said the sword is thus the ultimate counter to Orochimaru's Kusanagi Sword. The shield is known as Yata's Mirror. It is said this shield can defend against any attack. Together the sword and shield will make the Susanoo user nearly invincible. Like other Mangekyou techniques, usage of Susanoo will damages the eyes and health of the user. [ Once per battle and Susanoo stays activated for five posts
Advantages: Opponent will be put into an eternal Genjutsu.
Disadvantages: Only once per battle, user's eyes and health will be damaged.
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Lovel, Uchiha
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