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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 Paddict, Matthius, Fujiwara

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PostSubject: Paddict, Matthius, Fujiwara   Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:58 pm

Shinobi Legacy
Village to Village


» Basics
Lust & Gluttony
First Name. Paddict
Middle Name. Matthius
Last Name. Fujiwara
Gender. Male
Alias. Shrike
Actual Age. 18
Date of Birth. 11 April
Element. Earth
Seeks what village. Village Hidden In The Sand

» Defense/Offense
Greed & Sloth
Kekkei Genkai. Shin No Ippou (Hearts One Direction)
Explanation & Limits of Gift.

This ability gives the Fujiwara clan a very, VERY acute sense of hearing, a sense of hearing far beyond the limits of any normal being. A sense of hearing that can hear sounds, movements, conversations from great distances away or even hear the heart beat of the users enemy. Commonly users can use this superhuman hearing to serve as a lie detector, to the same extent as a polygraph test, by hearing whether the rate of someone's heart rate to tell if he or she is lying. However, this ability can be fooled if the other persons heart is not beating at a natural rate, such as if they have a pacemaker or having no heart lol.

The first ability is to greatly hear sounds around you and even hearing the smallest of sounds like the platter of raindrops or the scurrying of insects or that ''if a tree falls in the woods is there anyone around to hear it?'' A user of Shin No Ippou doesnt have to be around to hear it, they can be over in the other side of the wood and still the noise will just be as clear.

Yes, the Shin No Ippou sense of hearing is great it can even listen to the rythems of a persons heart beat. the users can focus in on anything within a certain distance from themselves, the range of which can be extended through training, the normal distance 100 meters. The higher the skill of the clan member, the further the distance from which they can sense incoming attacks.

ability two, Echolation, is the ability that makes the fujiwara soo special. Echolation is a ability some fujiwara has developed using the Shin No Ippou genkai to develop a sort of extra perception of proximity radar or sonar like ability, through sound, that allows users to determine the shape and location of objects around him by means of a 360-degree radar sense. By listening to sounds that echo into object and then display themselves through users hearing.

However, Shin No Ippou as its amazing senses of hearing, it is also sensitive; its main weakness is his vulnerability to powerful sounds unexpectantly upon its user that can be used to temporarily weaken his Shin No Ippoy or even this weakness can often be used to immobilize Users if he were bombarded by too much sound, which will cause them great pain and disorient him.

Explanation of Weapon.
The LONGSHOT Heavy Crossbow is a complex work of genius but with a simple action to ready and a simple action to fire.

A truly massive heavy crossbow, the Longshot heavy crossbow is a 1400 lb siege bow that fires at a range up to great ranges. The Longshot crossbow is so massive its near enough the size of the user who weilds it is a total size of 5 feet llong, is a long range weapon that fires from large distances and can use the users chakra to shoot even further than that, this weapon works fast and soundlessly to avoid detection. The forces the crossbow produces is so strong that instead of relying upon a hand-cranked winch, it uses a high powered low-geared bolt mechanism to wind to retract the bow or absorbs chakra. The bow is a precise, accurate and used correctly, with a stong arrow would have the power of a small artillery piece, able to punch through walls.

The weapon is quite durable, being mostly made from metal, metal gears, metal components, metal strings ect. The weapon is also attached with a scope that functions similar to the binoculars ninjas carry, night vision, distance of target, but has greater magnifying lenses that can see the target further away than average binoculars. The longshot crossbow also has a no glare function to the scope that makes it easier to see targets on sunny days with out the sun blinding the user and also dispel the light from catching the scope's lens and giving away users position.

The long shot can fire a range of ammunition that can be larger and heavier than standard crossbows to bear. The most commonly used ammunition however are 4 inch bolts that could be equipped into this crossbow, also could be fired quite rapidly similar to a crossbow repeater. These 4 inch bolts are the fastest his crossbow can fire, silent but gives low damage depending where they hit its target. User can also attach poison or various small items to the dart for additional damage or purposes.

» Looks
Wrath & Envy
Paddict stans about 5'8, medium build, green eyes, short messy Black hair. Living out side the village, void shadey buildings for shelter and being scorched by the desert sun every day paddict gained a slight dark tan.

Paddicts clothing would consist of a very special light clothing, sleveless shirt, long sleve less jacket with a ragged tail that wipes across the sand to erase users foot prints. Trousers with knee braces on them, outlander sandels and face raggs to protect against the sun. These desert clothing is very special as its made specially to fit the user tightly, being comfort and breathable but specially making it almost impossible to hear it move.

Paddict whole head is practicly covered up with his face rags only showing parts of his hair out the back and a space for his eyes to see out off, except his eyes most of the time is covered with a pair of black goggles. His hands are protected with a pair of gloves but on his left hand he holds this large metal gauntlet that helps sturdy his Longshot.

His colour of clothing is always diffrent to match watever backround he is presently with. Paddict wears a desert camoflage most of the time in his home country but however if he is traveling to more colourful areas he would change clothes to adapt a more appropriate colouring clothing to match his backround.

The Sand Village Headband is wraped around Paddict's upper left arm, he wraps it their for when he is lyeing prone the metal dosent catch his oppenents attention and gives away his position.

» Attitude
They come with persuasion like the snake and the apple.

Like all outlanders Paddict was raised up with a strange thick like cockney accent and combined with a slang that puts all outlanders to haveing a whole diffrent language. Sometimes he forgets himself that not all people under stand what the hell he is talking about when he uses his native tongue, that gets most people replying ''what?'' and paddict having to repeat himself but saying it in words they under stand.

Being brought up in the wild, having to scrounge for your his own food, fighting to survive in the harsh, desolate sun baked dessert could make a person a bit odd and detached, however this isnt the case for Paddict Fujiwara. This outlander is a real friendly, outgoing, laid back somewhat cocky individual, reckons himself a ladies man flirting with any and all girls he encounters, good or bad. While spending most of his life in the dessert and it tending to be a bit short on female company he is make up for the lost years now.

'A sandwhich short of a picnic' could would be a term to describe him or a beter one, more along the lines of a ''Bloody nutter'' Paddict can be a bit crazy at times, irresponsible and this has give him his nickname 'Shrike' but all that is just for some fun however dureing bussines he can be really serious, a magical transformation from his outgoing, friendly, laid back personality. He would never leap the gun but wait with amazeingly long patience to gather what he needs and think about the situation befor confronting it. Handles every mission like a life and death situation mostly because it does involve life and death but mostly death and he doesnt want it to be his death anytime soon. Yes he sometimes goes over the top with an extreme course of action, yes paddict can overestimate some situation, blowing them far out of porportian with a slight paranoia of 'whats around the next corner?' but, beter safe than sorry.

It can be dangerously unworthwhile to underistamate Paddict becuase of his charms and friendly manner he is surpriseingly very cautious, smart even when he doesnt show it. All laughs and jokes, paddict can be shockingly pretty cold hearted, not even taken in a second thought about takeing a life and even after, proberly brag about it. Unmercyful, deadly and cunning was always what the dessert had to offer, paddict had to survive this way to or become victim to it.

Likes. Family, Friends, Music, Food, Longshot, Money, Honesty, Girls, Sports, Gambleing, Target practice ect
Dislikes. Surprises, Running out of ammo, Lieing, Cheaters, Complications, Cold weather
Strengths. Paddict is a survivalist, a capable tracker with or without his genkai.

As the nature of Paddicts abilitys relies on stealth and non detection, he is highly adept at blending into his backround, shadows and moving silently that could even impress other ninjas. He is able to sneak up on most opponents undetected and quickly subdue them using either lethal or non-lethal means.

Weaknesses. shockingly cold hearted, Paddict would sacrafice people if needed to complete an objective.

A pretty lady, Paddict might be distracted at time if he sees a pretty face.

Paddict is pretty much a lone wolf when on missions, tending to break from the group and do things his way.


» The Past
Fighting the want isn't in our nature, because it's what we are.
Family. Mother and Father, other family unknown
Hometown. The Desert

90 years ago the village hidden in the sand created special units to protect and patrol the borders around the village. This units were specialy trained for recon/assasinateing intruders across the village border and also expertly trained in survial, tracking and stealth. The units were assigned for this duty for long periods of time or practicly their whole lifes and only ever returning to the village if needed. Living out in the desert for this long and rarely experienceing the environment of the village or the company of anyone else except for the deadly desert creatures or intruders but neither lasted too long.

After so long the units assigned on this duty had children of their own and so forth in the desert, they even seem to create a second language that most people would think its jubberish for people, mostly a language entirely made from slang and an gained an accent with it. The children like Paddict, born out in the desert growing up with the natural desert lifestyle, kill or be killed and gaining the strange accent were called 'outlanders'. Paddict was brought up as an outlander, born in the desert and raised in it. Not really the most hospitable place to raise a child but his mother and father raised him none the less in the cruel desolate desert. Being taught to live and survive, the dos and the dnt dos. His parents not really as nurtureing as some would be, at an age when paddict was little and afriad of the dark, his father gave him a knife and told him to stick it to anything that comes out.

Paddict was brought up like his mother and father were raised, a ninja, an outlander. An outlanders skills and knowledge are real life experience and are more valuable than what they teach in the safety of the acadamy and village. The Chunin exams, the forest of death is a day by day experience in the life of a outlander.

Paddict childhood was tough a life, being presented with a life treatening challenge everyday when living out in the desert but he has known any other life from this one and only the few other people padict have met, similar outlanders have experienced the same past. But surpriseingly their an enthusiastic sort of people, not tending to be depressed about the past but enjoy the present, just like Paddict.

Exceptional skills with the crossbow, paddict is more than suffient to handle the dangers of the desert, a skilled sharpshooter. Paddict always wanted to be something more than just a border patrol guard and so for the first time he travels and experiences the Village hidden in the sand the so called village he spent his whole life protecting and training for its safe guard.

Who did you PM after reading The Rules? Kage
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Paddict, Matthius, Fujiwara
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