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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 Hoseki, Totoi

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PostSubject: Hoseki, Totoi   Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:48 pm

Weapon Name: [None in particular]

Type: A team of dolls/toys.

Each doll/toy is unique and excels in different things. However, they have the same general advantages and disadvantages. Inside each doll/toy is extremely durable metal that is infused with Totoi's chakra. The metal is then surrounded by plastic, or stuffing and cloth, depending on the toy. If the toy is broken, then Totoi can later repair it by replacing the surrounding plastic/stuffing and cloth.

Snow White
Snow White releases poisonous gas when she throws her apple at an enemy. (The apple explodes and the gas spreads, and another apple will reappear in her hands.) She can also release poisoned darts through her eyes, and release poison by biting an enemy.

Raven and Nevar
Raven and Nevar are "twins", as Totoi claims. (They were actually just made by the same person.) Inside them are explosive material. At my bidding, they will explode. They can also tear off a limb and throw it at the enemy, which will make an explosion. (The explosions are surprisingly large.)

(Left, Raven. Right, Nevar.)

Petunia carries a large shield that can expand. The shield absorbs a technique/jutsu that is made toward Totoi, and expells said technique/jutsu two posts later.

Cruella carries a large sword that is almost as long as she is tall. She is extremely sadistic, and each time she sees someone bleed, she and her sword will grow. She can grow up to two feet tall.

Usagi is a stuffed rabbit that can split herself into multiple, smaller bunnies. She eats metal, and will swallow any metal weapon that is small enough to fit into her mouth. She can also be used for genjutsu.
(see signature/picture of Totoi to see Usagi)

Bruce is a stuffed shark with three layers of teeth. When he smells blood, he will immediately dive towards the source of the blood, and chomp. As he smells more blood, he will move faster, and be harder to dodge.
(see signature/picture of Totoi to see Bruce)

-While the dolls are breakable, they are impossible to completely destroy, as the interior metal parts that are infused with Totoi's chakra cannot be destroyed.
-Only Totoi can control the dolls, as they are infused with Totoi's chakra.

-Each doll is small, which will prove to be extremely hard for them to fight.
-The dolls can be broken easily enough.
-If Totoi is hurt, then the dolls will be easier to break.
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Hoseki, Totoi
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