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Join us in the Legacy of the Shinobi to deal with friendship, love, action-packed RPG, and much more~
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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 Chesson Cody

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Cody_ Chesson


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PostSubject: Chesson Cody   Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:07 am

Shinobi Legacy
Village to Village


» Basics
Lust & Gluttony
First Name. Cody
Middle Name. Ann
Last Name. Chesson
Gender. Female
Alias. Her dog Puk
Actual Age. 13
Date of Birth. 4/02
Element. Water (ice)
Seeks what village. Mist

» Defense/Offense
Greed & Sloth
Kekkei Genkai. Control Ice
Explanation & Limits of Gift. The Chesson Clan's males were gifted with the abiltity to control ice. I can form ice into any thing . It has to be moist, Water, or snow very near. I is the only girl to be granted with this ability in her clan.
Weapon. Sword.
Explanation of Weapon. The Sword is a blade about 3 ft long with a brown handle and little silver guard. The sword is light and is carried in a brown Sheath with silver near the top.

» Looks
Wrath & Envy
Physical Looks. Around 4"11 mabey 5, short blond hair with longer hair in front. I likes to wear long black socks, black Arm warmers, a black short sleeve shirt with a short green dress with a black belt cloth around it with a white string tied around it and a light gold dessine. I Have very pretty redish eyes. I have a tattoo of a cresint moon on my right ankle but is coverd by my sock.

» Attitude
They come with persuasion like the snake and the apple.
Attitude/Personality. Very quiet and when she does talk its not very nice. She is very mean to most males because of her past. She stands out and only talks when needed to and fights whn needed to. Hard to become friends with.
Likes. Being alone, Water and ice, and her dog Puk
Dislikes. people, talking, dark, fire, males, and change
Strengths. Anything to do with water, ice, or stealth
Weaknesses. Fire, wind, and noise
Other. She bairly eats or sleeps. But when she does eat she eats Poky, meat, or any plants she can find. She drinks coffee and tea.She likes to read and write.

» The Past
Fighting the want isn't in our nature, because it's what we are.
Family. Mother Shen Father Deig brother Ome and oldest brother Buka all pasted away with the rest of my clan
Hometown. the town owned by the Chesson Clan ( home town called Kazy)
History. I was born 4/02/96. My Father Deig Was angery because i was a girl. Im my clan girls were a sign of sin. most males were given a gift of controling ice and turning water into ice. I was the only girl ever in my clan to get the gift. My father was angery and it was worse because the girls were useless it was a honor to get a gift like ours. My brothers, Father, and almost every one from my Clan hit me and hurt me calling me a deamon. I had no friends but my mom. She was the only one who played with me but when i was 10 I was sent out on a mission and when i got back every one but my oldest brother and father were dead.
My Father was covered in blood his eyes were a bloody color. My brother was standing over my mothers body crying. He turned to my fater and asked why did he do this. Father said because we failed him. My brothers were the males who didn't get the gift. He saiid if i was never born they all would still be alive. He said if i died yesturday They would still be alive. He turned and cut my brother's neck with his sword. My father turned to me and hit me saying i was a bad girl and every one would be better without me. Then he throough the bodies at me trying to get me covered in blood. He stabed himself getting his splatterd blood all over me. I ran off on my own.
I saw a stray dog getting beaten by some kids. I saved him and he now is my partner. His name Puk and he carries my throwing stars and Kunai knives. He is a bigish black puppy. He saved me from starving and he still catches my food. We travel around and want to be part of the Akatsuki's with the others who are miss understood ninja's.
Who did you PM after reading The Rules? Kage
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Chesson Cody
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