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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 Touka, Hitachiin

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PostSubject: Touka, Hitachiin   Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:39 pm

Shinobi Legacy
Village to Village


» Basics
Lust & Gluttony
First Name. Touka (桃花)
Middle Name. Yoru (夜)
Last Name. Hitachiin (直知音)
Gender. Female
Alias. "The Marionétteer"
Actual Age. Fifteen
Date of Birth. September 7th
Element. Wind
Seeks what village. Missing ninja.

» Defense/Offense
Greed & Sloth
Kekkei Genkai. Tsuitou (追討)

Explanation & Limits of Gift. Tsuitou is the Kekkei Genkai of the Hitachiin clan. Touka is the only female to have their Genkai and close to master it at the young age of 11. This Genkai allows the user to, after seeing, hearing, or smelling someone, track them down. This permits the user to find either an enemy or ally simply by concentrating. (More exp. in the Kekkei Genkai listings.)
Weapon. Marionette Doll.
Explanation of Weapon. Shanghai, a marionette, or puppet doll, made my Touka herself. Her appearance is identical to Touka aside from the fact that the doll is seven inches in height and has longer blond hair. Half of her hair is tied up with a red ribbon bow. She has the capacity of having a mind of her own if given by her creator. She can speak, but not fluently. Only words and very small sentences.

» Looks
Wrath & Envy
Physical Looks.
Face & Body: Touka stands at five feet, four inches. She has a small, lean frame that compliments well with her fair complexion. Her skin resembles porcelain; Smooth and flawless, but thankfully, she's nowhere near as fragile. She has a small nose that goes perfectly with her correctly proportioned face that's diamond shaped but still gives a soft, rectangular feel. She has shorter-than-shoulder length blond hair that can be described as a silvery blond or sandy blond. She has bangs that fall over her forehead and cut off directly before hitting her eyesight. Her eye color normally stays at a clean, clear blue but can fade to a faint green. Her expression is always leaning towards aloof, which gives people a wrong first impression. Touka prefers keeping her nails long and clean, tarnishing them only when absolutely needed. Of course, this doesn't mean she doesn't mind getting dirty.

Clothing: Touka's clothing is mostly repetitive, unless a separate event calls for it. She will always be seen wearing her regular clothing. Her regular clothing consists of a red ribbon in her hair that is worn like a headband would be worn. She wears a blue dress with a white-triangle hem that finishes directly above mid-thigh. She wears dark brown, black lace-up boots that reach before her knees and are heeled about 1 inch or so. Around her waist is another red ribbon that is worn as a sash. It's tied to her left side in a neat knot. The top part of her outfit is short sleeved with the same white-triangle rim. On her left thigh is her holster for holding her simple weapons such as kunai and shuriken. The headband of her village is not physically at first glance but the metal plaque is sewed well onto the sash around her waist.

» Attitude
They come with persuasion like the snake and the apple.
Attitude/Personality. If Touka could be described by strangers and acquaintances with one word, it would be indifferent, hands down. She believes giving her name out to people she just meets is something very naive. Your name is who you are. Your identity. Of course, she has a firm standing on this. Otherwise, she is silent and very indifferent and unbiased with just about anyone she meets at first. With this attitude, people question her age to a point, never thinking she's over 15 due to her appearance. Now once Touka gets to know someone and gets the feel that they are content with her company, she turns out to be somewhat childish, always smiling and just an overall bubbly child. Something that never changes, whether it be with strangers or even family members, she's disgustingly stubborn. She will, by no means, give up in anything. Even with her knowledge that she will lose inevitably, she will not cave in. There are, of course, pros to this. Touka also has a knack of trying to be optimistic, even in the worst situations. "The Marionetteer" is known for being a loner, as no one has ever spotted her walking with someone else.
Likes. Everything about rain, nighttime, silence and solitude in the evening, and her doll, Shanghai.
Dislikes. Spicy food, heat, and unexpected outcomes.
Strengths. Wind based jutsu, genjutsu and ninjustu, chakra strings.
Weaknesses. Taijutsu, killing in general.
Other. Touka is left handed. Her name means "peach blossom".

» The Past
Fighting the want isn't in our nature, because it's what we are.
Family. Kaede Otomiya, mother. Reitsuyo Hitachiin, father. Deceased.
Hometown. Moon Country - Tsuki no Kuni.
History. Touka Yoru Hitachiin was born on the seventh day of the ninth month. She was the only child of Kaede Otomiya, her mother, and Reitsuyo Hitachiin, her father. She was born in the Country of the Moon, a prosperous crescent shaped island, attracting tourists with wonderful vacation getaways and beautiful beaches. The Hitachiin clan is the clan dedicated to protecting the lives of the king's family. Reitsuyo began training Touka in taijutsu at the young age of four years old. She never got a firm grasp on it so Reitsuyo lost hope with her. She wandered into a store that sold parts for dolls and this interested Touka. So with the money she began raising, little by little, she bought different pieces to make a doll. She began playing with it by attaching chakra stings to the doll all on her own. Her father took note of this and began understanding his daughter was a genjutsu and puppet specialist. He began training honing her natural talent for genjutsu and puppetry, making her the best illusionist and puppeteer in the Moon Country. Trying to protect the king and his family from an ambush, Touka's mother and father were killed in battle. After witnessing how easily they were killed, Touka needed to become even stronger to protect the king and his family. She asked for leave to hone her genjutsu skills to be able to protect the king. The king agreed to this and, with Touka leaving, being the last of the Hitachiin clan, vowed to return and protect the king and his family no matter what. During the time she was gone, the king and his family were murdered by the same group that killed her parents. She was so disgusted with herself for not being able to protect what was most important to her. The Moon Country blamed her for the king's death, so being shunned from her birthplace, she fled. Touka to this day continues to improve her skills all in hope that she may be re-accepted in the Country of the Moon and be able to protect the soon to be king.
Who did you PM after reading The Rules? Kage.

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PostSubject: Re: Touka, Hitachiin   Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:40 pm

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Touka, Hitachiin
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