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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 Application Template

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PostSubject: Application Template   Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:59 pm

{The Template}
{Version 3.0}

Alright ninja! Wow, I just said that... anyway. Say hello to your ticket to the ninja world, this template. It's nice and neat and pretty self-explanatory. It was made by one of our gracious members so take good care of it and read the little helpful notes below. Have fun inventing and role-playing!

{Essential Notes}
{They're helpful!}

● Write your information after the [/font ][/color] tags! On the same line too!
● Do not delete anything but the information in brackets. (That means this stuff.)
● Please refrain from butchering our code with your own colors, leave it be.
● When making your Application, make the new topic under the title;
● If you wish to be related to a canon-character (Such as Naruto or Sasuke, etc.) Please PM me for approval.
● No Jinchuuriki. At all. Don't ask, don't beg, no-no.
● When posting your topic remember the title format is;

{The Application Template!}
[center][size=24][font=Book Antiqua][color=#6DCFF6][b]Shinobi Legacy[/b][/color][/font][/size]
[size=20][font=Book Antiqua][color=#37BFF3][i]seven[/color][color=white]deadly[/color][color=#37BFF3]sins[/i][/color][/font][/size]
[size=24][font=Book Antiqua][color=#00AEEF][b]Village to Village[/b][/color][/font][/size]

[size=16][font=Book Antiqua][color=#00BFF3]» Basics[/color][/font][/size]
[size=11][font=Book Antiqua][color=white]Lust & Gluttony[/color][/font][/size]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#6DCFF6]First Name. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#5FCBF5]Middle Name. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#52C7F4]Last Name. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#44C3F3]Gender. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#37BFF3]Alias. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#29BAF2]Actual Age. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#1BB6F1]Date of Birth. [/font][/color] (MM/DD)
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#0EB2F0]Element. [/font][/color] (Choose from: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, or Water. [b]One[/b] or none.)
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#00AEEF]Seeks what village. [/font][/color]

[size=16][font=Book Antiqua][color=#00BFF3]» Defense/Offense[/color][/font][/size]
[size=11][font=Book Antiqua][color=white]Greed & Sloth[/color][/font][/size]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#6DCFF6]Kekkei Genkai. [/font][/color] ([b]One[/b] or none. Just the name.)
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#49C4F4]Explanation & Limits of Gift. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#24B9F1]Weapon. [/font][/color] ([b]One[/b] or nothing.)
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#00AEEF]Explanation of Weapon. [/font][/color]

[size=16][font=Book Antiqua][color=#00BFF3]» Looks[/color][/font][/size]
[size=11][font=Book Antiqua][color=white]Wrath & Envy[/color][/font][/size]
[font=Georgia][color=#6DCFF6]Physical Looks. [/font][/color](I want height, build, body type, complexion, eye color, hair color, birthmarks, anything distinguishing, ethnicity, regular manner of clothing, piercings, etc. This will all make a very good paragraph if you get stuck.)

[size=16][font=Book Antiqua][color=#00BFF3]» Attitude[/color][/font][/size]
[size=11][font=Book Antiqua][color=white]They come with persuasion like the snake and the apple.[/color][/font][/size]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#6DCFF6]Attitude/Personality. [/font][/color](How do they interact with others? How do they act when they're alone? Do they have a split personality? All good ways to build your description.)
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#49C4F4]Likes. [/font][/color](At least 3.)
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#37BFF3]Dislikes. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#24B9F1]Strengths. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#12B4F0]Weaknesses. [/font][/color](At least 2.)
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#00AEEF]Other. [/font][/color]

[size=16][font=Book Antiqua][color=#00BFF3]» The Past[/color][/font][/size]
[size=11][font=Book Antiqua][color=white]Fighting the want isn't in our nature, because it's what we are.[/color][/font][/size]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#6DCFF6]Family. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#49C4F4]Hometown. [/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#24B9F1]History. [/font][/color](Be as descriptive as you can be. Where you were born, how your childhood was, etc.)
[font=Book Antiqua][color=#00AEEF]Who did you PM after reading [b]The Rules[/b]? [/font][/color]

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Application Template
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