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Join us in the Legacy of the Shinobi to deal with friendship, love, action-packed RPG, and much more~
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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations   Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:18 pm


General Role-Playing/Codes

1. Any forms of Role-Playing is accepted in this forum. Although we highly suggest you use this method of Role-Playing for it is very commonly used.

* Shows Action
Ex. *Throws Kunai*

( insert content here ) Parentheses show Out Of Character [AKA OOC]. Talking in OOC DOES NOT effect Role-Playing what so ever.
Ex. (I have to go in 15 minutes)

- Show what you are thinking or thoughts.
Ex. I wonder what that means...

2. Spoiler codes are used to hide Mature Violence and/or spoiling content from Anime/Manga,away from other viewers and they would be warned to check the spoiler. Spoilers are also used to prevent stretch pages such as if you would like multiple images in your Signature, use a spoiler to prevent page stretching.

 [spoiler] Insert Content/Images Here [/spoiler]

And the spoiler shall appear like this!

Spoiler [Click the Spoiler]:

3. No Godmodding. Godmodding is unfair to all other members and is much frowned upon. For those who don't know the meaning, godmodding is to act godly in ones given power such as being 'immortal' or 'invincible'. This is the reason for us Admins to approve your Kekkei Genkai and Jutsu techniques.

4. When 'Sparring' or 'Battling', please copy & paste your Approved Technique if you are to use it so the opponent knows what to look out for.

5. Killing IS allowed after you have achieved the rank of Chuunin or higher. No excessive killing please. The maximum number of killings that you may kill a week is 2. Excessive killing or violence is not allowed over PG-13. No killing sprees such as going around killing everybody in sight.

6. No Modern Day weapons such as guns or canons because that just cancels out the use of ninja.

PG-13 Rating

1. The Legacy of the Shinobi DOES NOT accept any sexual content over PG-13 Rating. Shinobi Legacy is not at fault if members are to be irresponsible and reveal private information towards others or show affection. We allow affection such as kissing and hugging but we do NOT tolerate any online sex. If you wish to have online sex and/or show Mature Sexual Content, please keep them all within PM's or not do it at all. This rule is to help younger viewers with seeing/reading anything inappropriate. Images such as Signature Images are included in this rule. Signatures /Avatars that show little clothing, or any inappropriate parts in a sexual manner will be counted as a warning based on the image. We do not allow online rape or stages of pregnancy. Advertisements or links to any types of pornography will be deleted and your account will be banned.

[NOTE: Having children IS allowed on the forums but please do not show any stages of pregnancy such as giving birth or doing anything of mature content.]

2. When cursing or cussing, please keep it PG-13. We allow cursing to an extent where it is over the top. Cursing excessively will count as a warning immediately if directed to a member.

3. Making a member feeling insecure in ANY WAY will lead to a warning due to the member feeling unsafe on Shinobi Legacy. Please respect ALL members whether or not you like them.

General Forum Rules & Regulations

1. Advertising a online site such as your RPG Site is NOT tolerated. There is a current topic in the Random Section to post your site. PMing others about your site will not be tolerated and we are very strict on this subject. All forms of advertising for another RPG site will not be forgiven. Advertisements of sites please stay in the Random Section Topic named after 'Advertising Your Site'.

2. No multiple accounts. If you would like multiple accounts or to play another character, please alert me. If you have a sibling that wants to join this site as well and you are sharing computers with him/her, please tell me beforehand or I will suspect that the account is a multiple account and will ask to delete it.

3. We are very loose about Spamming but please do not spam such as posting just an Emoticon in a post. We do not have a limit of how much words/letters you are suppose to post each time you post, so we wouldn't like to see alot of Spam as described above.

4. Hacking or Attempting to hack The Legacy of the Shinobi is prohibited. We believe that it is very rude to ruin our site or give yourself some kind of godly-ness. Hacking is illegal in most countries that will include arresting as penalty.

5. Please do NOT act like a character from an Anime for it tends to get out of hand because the characters are owned and copyrighted by the Creator. Please use some originality with your mind and create a character that YOU created, not someone else. I do not want to see accounts such as 'Ichigo Kurosaki' or 'Yuki Cross'. If so, I will have to ask you to change your account user and/or profile. The ONLY time when this is allowed is if you get permission from an admin to do so.

General Techniques/Kekkei Genkai/Jutsus Rules

1. You CANNOT copy/use someone else's Kekkei Genkai, Techniques, and/or Jutsus. It is completely unfair because they put work into creating them and it is RIGHTFULLY theirs.

2. No Fuuinjutsu.

Fuuinjutsu- Fuuinjutsu is Ninjutsu sealing techniques. They allow the ninja to contain the elements/demons.

3. Please no demons that are 'sealed inside you' or something along those lines. You may have ONE TYPE of animal to summon just like Kakashi summons dogs and Tsunade summons snails.

4. You MUST NOT change the rank in your technique after an admin as updated it and added a rank. What is there is to prevent godmodding, which is the reason of Admins approving them.

If you have any further questions, please PM your village's Kage or I.

PM me with the quote 'Village to Village' after reading the rules.
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Rules & Regulations
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