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Join us in the Legacy of the Shinobi to deal with friendship, love, action-packed RPG, and much more~
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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 Nasshi, Ikko

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PostSubject: Nasshi, Ikko   Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:24 pm

Shinobi Legacy
Village to Village


» Basics
Lust & Gluttony
First Name. Nasshingu
Middle Name. -none-
Last Name. Ikko
Gender. Female
Alias. Nasshi
Actual Age. 15
Date of Birth. August 23
Element. Wind
Seeks what village. Village Hidden in the Leaves

» Defense/Offense
Greed & Sloth
Kekkei Genkai. Inugami Release
Explanation & Limits of Gift. Nasshi's clan deals heavily with Inugami. Through this, the Ikko have come up with different jutsu to deal with the demi-gods. These gods, in return or protecting the clan members, require to eat souls. To return the favor, the Ikko let the inugami control their bodies who have the ability to rip out the souls of opponents under very strict circumstances.
Weapon. Chain Scythe
Explanation of Weapon. a kusarigama with a chain that is five feet long

» Looks
Wrath & Envy
Physical Looks. Nasshi stands at 5'5 with a slim figure, yet pacts a powerful punch. She keeps her hair back in a pony tail or bun. When not up, her black hair falls down to the middle of her back. She likes to keep her hair out of her face so she can see and dislikes for her hair to be played with, cut, or even down at times. Her apparel tends to change at times, but while on a mission, she likes to wear a black tank top and dark green capris. Her eyes are a deep, dark blue that seem to shine at times. However, they will change to a dark yellow with slitted pupils under her kekkei genkai.

» Attitude
They come with persuasion like the snake and the apple.
Attitude/Personality. Nasshi's personality is somewhat shy at first, but she warms up to people quickly. She is polite in her speech unless she feels comfortable enough to lag in her speech. She helps when needed and then goes on her own way. If provoked, she will turn and become very violent. She's a hard worker and won't stop until she gets what she wants.
Likes. Curry, to train, reading, traveling, and taking on a challenge.
Dislikes. Idiots, being called a Nasshingu, not getting her point across, people who can't take a punch, and being woken up.
Strengths. Lightning and wind based jutsus, taijutsu, and mind games.
Weaknesses. Genjutsu, being half-asleep, and when it comes to dealing with people she's close to.
Other. Just call her Nasshi.

» The Past
Fighting the want isn't in our nature, because it's what we are.
Family. Jun/Father, Migoto/Mother, Kei/Older Sister, Ikasu/Older Brother, Okashi/Youngest Brother.
Hometown. Leaf Village
History. Nasshi grew up around the outskirts of the Leaf Village on her family's estate. The clan had shrunk in the past years leaving only her family to take reign. To make up for her shrinking clan, Nasshi wanted to prove her family worthy. She studied her clan's kekkei genkai and was able to gain an inugami at 10 years old. In the five years since then, she has trained in other fields and now wishes to grow become a ninja.

Nasshi's goal is to become a Jonin and then later become and ANBU Black-Ops. Her father, however, felt she was too young to become a ninja and wouln't let her enroll in an academy until recently. She is now focused on her goal more than ever.
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PostSubject: Re: Nasshi, Ikko   Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:29 pm

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Nasshi, Ikko
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