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Join us in the Legacy of the Shinobi to deal with friendship, love, action-packed RPG, and much more~
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Welcome to The Legacy of the Shinobi ^_^ Any questions please PM Mizukage or Kage. Thank you and Enjoy~

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 The Legacy of the Shinobi: Ranks Information

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PostSubject: The Legacy of the Shinobi: Ranks Information   Thu Jul 23, 2009 7:57 pm


Ranks tell us what rank and how much power you have.

Beginner- This is the automatic rank you will get when signing up for 'The Legacy of the Shinobi'. With this rank, you will find that your stats/bars will all begin with 10/1000. Your job on this site is to improve each one of those bars [Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu]. By improving these bars, you improve your rank and reach higher towards the power of a Kage!

Academy Student- This is the first ACTUAL rank you will get when becoming a member. You will earn this rank after you have posted 25 posts. After achieving the Academy Student Rank, you will be able to attend classes at your Ninja Academy! By attending these classes, they will improve your stats and help you become a Genin!

+Attending Ninja Academy
+Improve stats by attending the Academy Classes
+Learn Basic Jutsu

Must have to be an Academy Student:

+25 Posts

Genin- This is the second rank that you would get after graduating the Ninja Academy! To earn this, you must attend a certain amount of Ninja Academy Classes and learn the primary jutsus [Cloning, ect.]. After achieving the Genin Rank, you will be assigned to a team with 2-3 other members along with a sensei!

+Assigned to 2-3 other members along with a sensei to train.
+Attending the training sessions with your group will improve stats.
+Learn Basic Genin Type Jutsu
+Do small missions
+Able to create/use ONE Chuunin Type Jutsu

Must have to be a Genin:
+Complete a certain number of Ninja Academy Classes
+At least 25/1000 Stats in EACH bar.

Chuunin- After completing the assignments when you were a Genin, you will move up to the rank of a Chuunin! Being a Chuunin, you get the privilege of taking on missions OUTSIDE of your village! By completing these missions, you will earn many Stat Points at a time as well and travel through out each village.


+New Ranks [Medical Ninja, ANBU, ect.]
+Go on missions outside of the Village and earn higher stats.
+Increase on Stats when doing missions, and training
+Able to create/use ONE Jounin type jutsu

Must have to be a Chuunin:

+At least 750 Posts
+At least 50/1000 Stats in EACH bar

Jounin- Once becoming a Jounin, you are aloud even more privileges and your stats are higher then ever! You achieve battling and more life-threatening missions! Earn tons more stat points and become different kinds of ninja [Medical Ninja, ANBU, ect. Found in Secondary Ranks]. You will be able to travel out of your village more often and protect it.

+New Ranks [Medical Ninja, ANBU, ect.]
+Higher stats
+Go out of the village more often
+Higher-Ranked Missions

Must have to be a Jounin:

+At least 1002 Posts
+100/1000 Stats in EACH bar

Secondary Ranks

Secondary Ranks are ranks you are able to get/become AFTER becoming a Chuunin/ Jounin. When you are a Chuunin or Jounin and would like to become one of the ranks below, PM me or Post here and I will approve and give you the rank if you qualify.

Medical Ninja- A medical ninja specializes in Medicine and one is needed in almost every team of ninjas. Medical Ninjas are able to heal more injuries/wounds then a regular ninja no matter how powerful.

+Able to heal wounds more then a regular ninja
+Specializes in Medicine and an Expert
+Is able to heal MANY kinds of things that aren't none to regular ninja

Must have to be a Medical Ninja:
+Be a Chuunin or Higher Ranked

ANBU- Short for Assassination Tactics Special Military Force. The ANBU work in groups of 4-6 and perform assassinations when needed and instructed by the Kage of your village. The ANBU of each Village is HIGHLY skilled and powerful group. The masks they where are based on their signs on the zodiac and conceal their identity. ANBU is used in assassinations and highly trained ninja for top-secret missions.

+Highly Trained and Ranked
+Perform Assassinations
+Work right under the Kage
+Highest Rank Missions
+A lot of Stats on Missions

Must have to be a member of the ANBU:
+Jounin or High-Ranked
+200/1000 Stats in EACH bar.

Akatsuki Member-The Akatsuki is a group of S-Ranked Ninja who are Missing-Nin [Ninja who abandon their Village]. They produce destruction to the Ninja World. They all wear a ring that represents their part in the organization. Their goals are to control the world by capturing all the Hosts of demons such as Naruto who contains the 9 Tailed Fox. Only 9-10 members are aloud to be in this group at a time.

+Seeking out the Jinchuu Hosts
+Power Hungry
+Enjoy destruction
+Missions against other Villages

Must have to be an Akatsuki Member:

+Be a Jounin or Higher Ranked
+250/1000 in EACH stat bar.

You all have the choice to Specialize in an Area such as Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu. Now, go follow your destiny in The Legacy of the Shinobi: Village to Village.

Any questions please post here.
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The Legacy of the Shinobi: Ranks Information
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